Live Casino for Iphone Devices

Company Apple has been and still remains the market leader in mobile devices production for many years. People line up in front of shops with Apple products all around the world in order to be among the first to get a new iPhone. And since most people are now using their mobile devices even more often than they use a PC, it is only natural that players tend to play online games on their iPhones ever more often.

This allows players to log into their casino accounts via iPhones at any time and anywhere using Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G. Many online casinos have developed their own HTML5 technology based applications which can be downloaded from App Store or even played directly in browser on an iPhone. Same will be true for a live dealer casino iPhone.

What is a live iPhone casino

iPhone casinos are those online casinos that are compatible with the Apple operating system iOS on any iPhone smartphone. Online casinos are also available on the iPod Touch, iPad tablet device, and now even on Apple watch.

Online casinos make their games available for the iOS users in two ways:

– Through the development of downloadable applications for the App Store;
– By developing games using HTML5 technology, which is compatible with all mobile devices and operating systems (it does not require installation of a live casino on iPhone).

Live casino iPhone applications can be downloaded from App Store just like any other apps. Afterwards you can play these games at any time, both for real money and in trial mode for free. For the first time such a system was launched back in 2012 as a joint project of the «Big Fish» (casino) and «Betable» (online payment solution for withdrawing funds). This platform can be used in any country where gambling is officially allowed. For this reason, online gambling for money is officially banned in the United States.

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In accordance with the requirements of Apple, such applications should be free, the casino must be licensed in the country in which the player is located (they find such information out thanks to geolocation) and the App Store itself has nothing to do with possible wins or loses at such a live casino for iphone (all the claims should be addressed to the casino itself).

Typically, Apple puts this kind of applications under scrutiny before they get approval. Then 30% from the possible income goes to the App Store and 70% to the live casino. Gambling section in the App Store at the moment is represented by all leading live online casino games, including online poker, craps, blackjack, roulette, baccarat and some others.

Playing iPhone live casino games in the browser

If in your country online gambling is not 100% easily available or there may be problems with funds withdrawal from a casino app, you can use a different way to access the casino games. Any browser installed on your iPhone or tablet (FireFox, Opera, Google Chrome, etc.) will give such a chance. You do not have to install any additional software this way; you can simply play online thanks to flash format of games.

With the help of HTML5 technology practically every major online casino becomes available in online format. So you will be able to play the full range of games, without downloading casino software to your device. This can also be convenient for players who are worried about security of their personal information (which they should not). Playing games on your smartphone or tablet will not differ from similar experience from playing on PC.

Privacy and security

As with playing on a PC, the personal information of players is safely protected. Of course, if you never want to run into a scam, you should only play in the tested and trusted live casinos that value their reputation and have positive reviews. If you are new to online gambling, then it could be really useful to take a closer look at the list of online casinos powered by different operators we have gathered in the dedicated section of our website before you join one of them.