Live Online Casinos for iPad

Many already know that at an online casino you can play not only by means of your PC, but also using a variety of mobile devices. Owners of Apple gadgets are no exception, and the number of online casinos developed specifically for the popular iPad tablets only keeps growing. And of course, so does the number of live dealer casinos for mobile platforms, because basically any online casino can offer live dealer games. In this review, we are going to focus on the advantages a live casino iPad offers, how to register at one and what their best offers are.

Mobile online casino developers keep creating new games and adopting some older hits to make them playable on smartphones. Almost every day we hear of new online slot machines that can be played on iPad or iPhone. It should be noted right away that there is no particular difference on which model of the device you have, whether it is an iPad, an iPad mini or an iPad Air. Even the first versions of iPads are better than some modern Android devices for playing at online casinos.

Is it possible to play with a mobile connection?

According to statistics, many owners of Apple mobile devices tend to play at online casinos not only at home using wi-fi, but also on the go using 3G or 4G internet from mobile operators. If you wonder whether it is safe and secure playing on a mobile device, the answer is – absolutely yes. The casino industry worries so much about the visitors that it encrypts your account data, account deposit and withdrawal methods, and other information that you provide to a live casino on iPad. Everything is securely protected. The only thing that we want to stress out here is that you definitely should not play at unknown online casinos.

How to choose a live casino for iPad

Before you make a deposit to a live dealer casino iPad, read reviews and recommendations from other players. Our portal, for example, does not list online casinos which were even suspected in fraud. Also, we constantly update information and monitor the authorities, which check the reliability of online casinos. The instrument of such checks is often a computer program that fully tests the system of a casino and is therefore 100% reliable and trustworthy. Today, many companies claim to pay back up to 99% guaranteed payback, and it’s really true. This literally means that online casino players, including live casino iOS players risk have 99 to 1 chances to win! But the casinos are in good position too. After all, it is better to earn 1% of the one million satisfied live dealer casino iPad players than lose 100% of unhappy visitors.

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Best online casino is a time-tested casino. When choosing a live dealer mobile casino, you should remember of the 5 important tips:

– Check when an Online Casino was established. The older the casino is, the more reliable it should be.
– Check certificates for the Random Number Generator. Only dishonest online casinos will withhold this information.
– Check where the license was issued. For quite obvious reasons.
– Check when the mobile version of the casino was launched. Newly launched mobile versions tend to have certain glitches.
– Read the reviews on the casino on the Internet.

What is the difference between an online casino for the iPad and iPhone

The answer is trivial – only the screen resolution. The resolution of a standard model of iPhone is 960 Γ— 640 pixels or higher, and the resolution of an iPad is 1136×640 pixels or higher (iPad Air has a 2048 Γ— 1536 pixels). This clearly means that the live casino iPad users will have more fun playing their favourite games on the bigger screens. Many worry about what happens if the connection breaks when playing live casino games on a mobile device. They worry for no reason really, because although the live dealer will finish the round without them, but the money will be transferred to the player’s casino account in case he or she wins anyway.

For example, if you are playing roulette and put a bet on red, and then get disconnected and miss the rotation itself you will of course feel sad. But the next time you visit this live dealer online casino, you will see what the result of that rotation was and, if it was in your favor – the money added to your online casino account.