Mobile Live Casinos For Online Gambling

Mobile phones have taken such strong positions in our modern life if one does not pick up the phone any time of day and wherever he or she is when his friends call him – they can easily get offended. This was hard to imagine some 15 years ago, but now if you are not online the people will not understand you and think of you as a person who has social phobia (unless it is the middle of the night).

Now mobile phones are not only a means of communication, but also a small but real PC with huge possibilities. Naturally, it is not only used for communication and work, but also for entertainment purposes, where an important role is played by the Internet. The online gambling operators clearly could not miss this fact so a few years ago they launched the first mobile live casino which, without a doubt, started a new stage in the development of online gambling. Online live casinos for mobile devices are now a rightful part of the mobile casino family.

What are the live mobile casinos

All mobile casinos are gambling establishments, where one can play popular online casino games so long as they have the Internet connection. Currently, many online casinos offer their visitors such opportunity.

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You can use smartphones and tablets to play at modern mobile casino. As a rule, they offer Android and iOS versions, but some top live casino for mobile will also have Windows Mobile and Blackberry versions of the games. On their websites, online casinos specify the list of supported devices, which are usually hundreds of models. Live casino mobile app games are especially in demand among gamblers who travel long distances to and from work every day or go on long business trips.

This is so simply because they have a lot of time to spare and they can use it to win some real money. There is even a story about the live mobile casino player who did not come to work because they won several hundred thousand dollars on the way there and went to Hawaii instead.

The popularity of mobile casino is growing at a pace that experts predict this sector turnover of several tens of billions of dollars in the coming years.

As is the case with online casinos, software for their mobile versions can be found on the official websites of the gambling institutions. The software is easy to download, and the step by step instructions will help you easily set the desired game. Live mobile casinos can be installed already with a package or live games to choose from.

If you have an account at any casino that supports mobile games, chances are you will not have to create a separate account. Usually you can use the same account for both the regular online casino games and for mobile live casino games.

How to start the game in a live mobile casino

This process is different in each casino, but in most cases you would need to visit the official website of the casino where you are asked to fill out a form indicating the personal data, phone model, and the phone number. Typically, the mobile casino software can be downloaded and then install onto your phone directly via browser. But in some cases the mobile live casino fans will need to receive a link via SMS and only then download games directly on the mobile phone.

The games that are available in major mobile casinos are safe and will work without problems. However, the players should not expect from them the same quality as with the normal casino games. This is due to the technical capabilities of mobile phones that are far beyond the capabilities of personal computers and laptops. In addition, the quality of the mobile Internet is also inferior to most types of PCs that are connected to the network.

Games for mobile phones are smaller, their possibilities are not dazzling, but the developers are constantly improving these aspects. One should also keep in mind that not all USA online casinos have life mobile version or even simple mobile casino versions. In terms of games, most of the casino for mobile phones offer variety of slots, video poker, blackjack, roulette and poker. Of course there are also live mobile poker, live roulette and live blackjack version. You can also find quite exotic games at some mobile casinos. Thus, at the Betway casino they do not only have mobile baccarat and bingo, but even the “Rock-paper-scissors” game. And the Red Flush offers its visitors online scratch cards.

As a rule, all casinos allow players to try out their games in the free mode, so you can choose the most appropriate options for you, and then decide whether to play for real money or not.

In general, all games for mobile phones have the following important features that single them out:

  • Small size (because the phone’s memory is not as spacy as the PC memory);
  • Comparatively primitive graphics (the games must be easily launched on the phone);
  • They have simple rules (after all, learning the new game rules on the phone is not as easy as on a PC);
  • The ability to interrupt the game at any time to accept and make calls and receive messages (after all, smartphones are still phones);
  • The possibility to continue a game from the same place where the game was interrupted by a call.

How to choose a live casino mobile

Criteria for selecting top live dealer casino mobile are similar to the principles of selection of regular online casinos. First off, it is necessary to pay attention to the software developer that is powering the casino, read reviews made by other users and by our professional scouts, and learn what bonuses they offer. We have a dedicated article about live casino bonuses on our resource, so it will not take much time to find all the relevant information on this topic. Also you should see a list of suggested games, explore the list of available ways of deposits and withdrawal. We have the article on best mobile live casino deposit methods too. After that you should definitely try playing in free mode, to test the functionality of games and graphics quality.