Live Online Roulette For Real Deposits

In recent years, the live dealer games have significantly increased their popularity at online casinos. The main advantage of such games is that they can give the feel of real casinos and do not have their disadvantages at the same time. The live casino players can see the dealer placing their bets, dealing cards or throwing the ball (in case of live roulette online). Some casinos will even let you chat with the dealer by means of a microphone or some in-built messenger.

One of the most popular live casino games is online Roulette. The reasons why it is so are numerous. First off, a player can see all actions of the dealer, which gives the feeling everything is fare. There is also the factor of involvement that is often missing when playing table games at online casinos. But most importantly – the experienced players can make use of all the tactics and tips that help winning Roulette at land casinos, but were impossible to implement at online casinos because of the RNG (Random Number Generator) that was calculating all outcomes. Now at a live roulette casino and with a live dealer, such players are finally back in business.

Live roulette dealer tricks

The mentioned techniques do not refer to the mathematical and physical roulette component and therefore they do not require a player to handle complex calculations. To detect wheel defects, determine the dealer’s style and trace the trajectory of ball movement one only needs excellent observation skills and a sharp eye.

If you ever tried to recognize deviations of live roulette, you know that it is a pretty difficult thing to do even when standing a few inches away from the wheel. Also, often it is necessary to observe it at a certain angle, which is not even always possible. This is true for both the live American roulette online casino and the live European roulette.

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To determine the dealer’s style, you would need to look closely on how he or she places the players’ bets, throws the ball, the force with which the dealer rotates the wheel in one and the other side. The material of which the ball is made and its diameter also play a very important role in the observation.

But even noticing all this does not necessary give the player a significant advantage, because the probability of error is still very high. For this reason, many doubt the effectiveness of such methods, and even them to be a myth. But let imagine that any player has mastered these techniques (and we know such players; we even wrote about two of them in our news). What awaits him or her when trying to apply them in an online Roulette with live dealers? It should be noted here that it will have the ability to accumulate all of their abilities and act on the very edge. There are several reasons for that.

Quality of live roulette games: online translation

Online casino that offer games with live dealers keep constantly improving the quality of video broadcast, but to the moment we cannot call the picture a player sees on his screen crystal clear. Even if you have 4G or high-speed internet, you are not immune to all kinds of interruptions and even connection loss. But we know that in land casinos it is often difficult to keep observing and not get caught by the casino stuff, so it is much simpler and safer to be a distant observer, and use the techniques where no one even sees you.

Peculiarities of live roulette table online translation

Thing is that they always translate the live European roulette as well as live American roulette at a certain angle and it does not change. After the dealer has thrown in the ball, they show the ball close-up. This is seldom enough to see all the nuances of roulette table and its possible mechanical faults.