Live BlackJack For Money Gambling

Blackjack is probably the most intellectual online casino game. It does require a player to not only have some good luck, but also loads of skill. The chances to win live Blackjack online will increase significantly, if a player uses cards counting and other techniques. At online casinos with RNG (Random Number Generator) this would be impossible and useless, but at a live Blackjack casino you do have the chance to outwit the dealer and win some real cash.

Of all the online casino table card games Blackjack is probably the simplest one. It is also very exciting. This must be why it has so many fans and so many online casino gamblers keep looking for free Blackjack online version. The simplest way to play this game without depositing your own money is to make use of the Free Time bonus or suchlike bonuses at the selected casinos.

Live Blackjack Games: Rules

Live Blackjack is actually a classic kind of blackjack, only played with live casino dealers. To win, a player must score more points than the dealer, but not more than 21. Payments are made by the program. Blackjack pays 3: 2, the insurance pays 2: 1. The gamblers can make the basic bet in the range of $ 5 to $ 50, and a pair of side bets on the player or the dealer in the range of $ 2 to $ 100. Up to seven players can participate in the game simultaneously.

The game is played with eight standard decks of 52 cards. The dealer makes the shuffle at a yield of approximately four decks. Two cards becomes the dealer (open and closed) and stops handling the cards on the hard and soft 17. The player can make a double on any two cards, even after the split. Split and re-split of aces is allowed. One card is dealt in the boxes with split aces.

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As was mentioned, the gameplay of live blackjack casino online does not differ from the classic blackjack. The player chooses denomination of chips, places the bets and gets two cards in the box. Then he or she is free to decide whether to take or not to take more cards, making a double or split. When all the players are set with their boxes, the dealer reveals his cards. If live blackjack dealer does not have seventeen points, he (or she) takes more cards. The important thing to remember here, is that unlike in a land casino, the live blackjack bonus money payments are made by a program and not the dealer.

Live Blackjack Game Interface

The interface of online live blackjack games is thought through and therefor very convenient. To start with, all players can choose from two display modes โ€“ normal and video mode. Let us start with the normal mode.

In the normal display mode, the game window can be conditionally divided into the upper and the lower parts. The upper part has three panels:

Where to play liveย version of the game

Playing online live blackjack for real money provides a great chance to practice cards counting, shuffle tracking and other methods that increase your chances to win. Of course, this would not be as effective as in a land casino, but certainly much more safe, taking that you are hundreds of miles away from the place where you play and no security can spot your tricks. Plus, you get to dive into the atmosphere of a live Blackjack casino UK, Canada, Australia or the USA can offer.