Live Casino Games: How to Play

Yes, fans of “real casino atmosphere” are extremely luck now, when there are the live dealer casinos. Not only they can watch the whole process of the game live and communicate with pleasant and polite (and usually beautiful, because they often invite girls to be live dealers at online casinos) dealers, but there is also no annoying, drunk and rude neighbors. At online casinos we can enjoy live dealer casino games without live players. Those very noisy and dull players whom we could meet in land gambling establishments. But of course the best thing is that we can feel the land casino atmosphere of excitement. Yes, and we can go to the kitchen and grab a sandwich whenever we choose to!

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Anyone can play live casino games, but their list is rather limited limited. In fact, the most common live casino games online of this type are blackjack, roulette, baccarat and poker Hold’em, adapted for use in the online casino (the so-called Casino Hold’em). In fact, this whole article is dedicated to live casino card games and other online games, so the players interested in this topic should definitely keep reading.

Live Dealer Games in Casino

When we are talking about online blackjack with live dealers, the people who get most excited are the card counters. Certainly, they could not use their skills in regular live online casino games where there is the random number generator, because there all the decks are shuffled before each hand. But the people who sit in the online casinos administration are far from stupid too, and they protect themselves from such problems. In order to reduce the effectiveness of the card counting, they force the live dealers to cut the cards. In such circumstances, it gets almost impossible to really count cards. In addition, they introduced several other measures, further complicating the life of card counters. For example, dealers are beginning to bear some cards face-down, before taking on a new deck.

Ability to communicate with partners at the table has always been an important component of Baccarat. Until recently it was considered a game of aristocrats, who were visiting elite clubs, where guests could spend time playing this game. Now thanks to the rapid development of online casinos baccarat has become available to everyone. But unfortunately this did not make it less boring to play alone.

Online baccarat with live dealers is much more fun in this respect. You can talk to the dealer, chat with other players, and there is no real need to think over what decision to make.

As the matter of fact, roulette with real dealers is only a little different from the games with a random number generator. Yes, there are more opportunities for communication, but the main charm of roulette is active gameplay, when the gambler makes bets by entering into a rage. And at online casinos with live dealers the game proceeds rather slowly, and there is no surge of adrenaline when you see a live ball, prancing on wheel sectors. However, it is a matter of taste and personal preferences…

Best winning live online poker combinations

Now, let us say a few words about the best combinations an online poker player can get. First off, there is the Two Aces hand. This is the best starting hand one can ever dream of. They call this combination ‘Pocket Rocket’ for a very good reason. So best starting hands are:

  • Two Aces. Almost impossible to beat afterwards, especially if the third Ace comes afterwards.
  • Two Kings. An extremely good combination, unless some other players gets even more lucky.
  • Two Queens. A solid and very nice combination, that gives pretty high chances to win.
  • Two Jacks. A nice hand, although there are many things that can go wrong if you have it.
  • An Ace and a King. A strong hand, but only if another Ace or a King come up afterwards.

This is the group of strong hands that you would definitely prefer to start with. With these cards one can go ahead and raise in the very first round of betting, although with some caution, because if he (or she) raises too much too soon other players may ‘feel’ you are in luck and fold. Once again, let’s not forget that modern Microgaming Poker machines have very smart AI (Artificial Intelligence) and is quite capable of making logical decisions.

The best online casino payment options

We are going to name the best solutions in rather RANDOM order, because they are all equally worthy close players’ attention. They each have a ‘Five Stars’ rating given by our scouts who tested them carefully. So choosing any of them is really a wise choice already. But let’s take a closer look at what advantages they offer.

MasterCard is almost as convenient and widely spread as Visa card and it has unique advantages too. This card is accepted by most online casinos, can provide numerous bonuses from casinos to those players who use it. MasterCard is also top transparent and very easily issued. But it has several drawbacks too. To start with, just like with Visa, it is impossible to hide personal card info with MasterCard. Also, certain countries like Iran, USA, Pakistan and some others forbid their citizens using this card for online casinos transactions.