Live Casino Bonuses: Play with Dealers

Bonuses are perhaps one of the most effective ways to attract new players to an online casino. With their help such institutions manage to gain many regular visitors too, which is important in an increasingly competitive market in this field. The live casino bonuses are very popular among beginners and even the players with a decent experience, but rather careless attitude. More experienced players who are used to careful consideration of their each deed are more wary bonus. Let’s try to analyze the online casinos bonus system (which is virtually similar to the live casino bonus system) step by step, to find out why it is so.

How do they calculate the amount of live bonuses

Of course, getting bonuses is very nice, because it means the game becomes supposedly free. The bonuses can be offered to new players right after registration (the so-called First Deposit Bonus or the No Deposit Bonuses, or even Live Casino No Deposit Bonus depending on the offer). A very common form of bonuses comes in the form of a set percentage of the initial deposit amount. For example, a live casino visitor who deposits $100 and is issued 100% bonus will receive $ 200 on his/her first deposit).

Also, quite often there are bonuses that are awarded for all deposits made by methods which are recommended by the casino. Quite a few have recently started literally giving back the money a player has lost when playing at a casino online. There was a time when this kind of bonuses was incredibly popular but that was in land casinos. And now, apparently, it is time for their online rivals to take their place.

Types of online live casino bonuses

There are many other varieties of bonuses except the very popular online live casino no deposit bonus, and sometimes they can be surprisingly original. We will not be able to talk about all of them in this article, but there is a whole section dedicated to casino bonuses on our website. So all the types are discussed in this separate section where you can find them and read everything about them. In this review, we are more interested in the general mechanisms of live casino bonus programs.

Only a few casinos make it obligatory receiving a bonus. As a rule, a player decides whether he or she wants to accept the casino bonus offer or not. However, do not rush to make a deposit and start playing before you find out all the details of the matter about the casino you’ve joined.

Thing is that in some casinos any bonuses are only issued after depositing real money or using a special promo code, or both. But in some other online gambling institutions the bonuses are awarded by default, so that the players do not even need to warn the support about their presence.

The players should be very careful with this point because live casino bonuses just like any online casino bonuses have certain wagering requirements applied. Some gamblers start winning real money but do not care to clear these wagering requirements and, as the result, they cannot withdraw the winnings because of the technicality. When such players try to make the withdrawal, it turns out that they have violated the wagering requirements, so their winnings get canceled. And the saddest thing is they have no one else to blame but themselves…

How to clear the wagering requirements

So we’ve come to the “dark side” of bonus programs – the wagering requirements. Basically, these are the conditions that one needs to fulfill in order to be eligible to withdraw money from the live casino if the player decided to receive a bonus or several bonuses. The basic requirement of any wager is to ensure that you make bets in the amount required by the terms and conditions for the bonus. Also, make sure you make the bets playing games eligible for the wagering requirements.

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For example a x30 wagering requirement on a bonus and deposit means that before withdrawing the winnings you have to make bets on the amount of thirty times the total size of the deposit and bonus combined. That is, if you have a hundred dollars deposit and have received the same amount of bonus money from the casino, you have to wager $ 200 x 30 = $ 6,000.

But there is more. As we mentioned, very few online casinos allow you to win back bonuses by playing all the games that they have on offer. The vast majority of live casinos exclude from the list the games with very low casino advantage. In other words, the players will not be able to use their remarkable knowledge of blackjack or video poker to clear the wagering requirements. For the players’ convenience, they very often attach a table to the wagering requirements, where they write what percentage of the amount of each bet goes into wagering credit.

How do you find out whether the bonus is profitable

If you’ve read till this point then you probably realize that not all the bonuses are equally interesting to for live casino visitors in terms of the benefits they provide. Moreover, some online casinos make such bonus proposals which are generally disadvantageous to players and are only a publicity stunt.

If you clearly understand what such casino terms as “casino advantage in games”, “long section of the game” and “the theoretical percentage of return” mean – then you can easily calculate theoretical profitability of each bonus.

To demonstrate how this works we are going to give a simple example: a 100% bonus for the 100 deposited dollars that you need to wager thirty times (the standard wagering requirement at live casinos for the amount of bonus and deposit). We have already estimated that in order to clear the wagering requirements for this bonus you will need to make $6,000 worth of bets. Also, as a rule you will be able to play only online slots, scratch cards and casual games to be able to clear them.

So our advice is to visit the Terms and Conditions page of each casino before you decide to receive a bonus. Or simply take a look at the tables with live casino bonus requirements we have on our website.