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Live Casinos for Canadian Players: Online Gambling

Yes, the fans of land casino gaming atmosphere who don’t leave in Las Vegas, Monaco or Macau are in great luck. At modern online casinos with live dealers they can have all the fun with no need to drive all the way down to those distant cities. They can not only watch the whole process of game in live online translation and communicate with pleasant and a polite dealer, but will not have annoying, drunk and rude neighbors. To a certain extent, they even get to choose what players they are going to join at the table, which is not possible at real land gambling establishments. But probably the best thing here is that each player will see what bankroll the others have and make better decisions in such games as baccarat.

What is so special about Canadian live casinos

Some say that live Roulette is not that different from playing at regular online casinos. It differs a great deal! Mainly so because of the well-known to the experienced players Random Number Generator (RNG) which defined the winners and losers and was completely unpredictable. So no one, no matter how nice a gambler he or she was could predict the outcomes or somehow influence them. But the real bad thing about the RNG is that many players simply do not trust it. There are hundreds topics on online gambling forums where people share stories of getting black or red 20 times in a row, or did not get numbers above 5 even once within a game, or something like this. They complained that Martingale system does not work at online casinos.

It actually does. And such long lasting series of bad luck is not that rare at all. But the players were really hard to convince right until the fresh live online casinos for Canadian players offer appeared. Because then finally the casinos could wipe the nose to all those who had doubts about their fairness – they could now see the Roulette reel spinning, the Blackjack cards dealt and the live dealer making all those actions. So there are no doubts in fairness of top live dealer casino Canada offers.

What software powers live dealer online casinos

A nice live online casino in Canada will definitely offer a choice of instant play games (flash versions) or downloadable games that are installed directly to the PC or laptop. Instant access to the games is extremely convenient because gamblers can start playing their favorite slots directly from the browser, regardless of operating system. There is no need to download or install additional software. Top live casino software providers are definitely Microgaming, Playtech and a couple of other developing companies.

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But if you want to play with a live dealer, it is better download the casino software from the website and install it onto your computer. The program should be compatible with your os and it will ensure your access to the online casino directly, without even using a browser. The situation is such because in live dealer games they set higher and stricter requirements for graphic design and gaming options.

How to play games with live dealer

Right after you have downloaded and installed the necessary software on your computer, you will have access to the wide range of games with live dealers. During the game you will see and hear of the casino dealer on laptop/PC and the program will provide high-quality video and sound. You will certainly be able to communicate and place bets through a graphical interface rather than in person, but the gaming experience will be the most realistic and as close as possible to visiting a real casino. Excepting the annoying noise and the not-so-sober people all around you.

Bonuses at live online casinos

Receiving bonuses is a very nice thing, because with them games become much more interesting and sometimes even free. The bonuses can be offered to new players right after registration (the so-called First Deposit Bonus or the No Deposit Bonuses, or even Live Casino No Deposit Bonus depending on the offer). A very common form of bonuses comes in the form of a set percentage of the initial deposit amount. For example, a live casino visitor who deposits $100 and is issued 100% bonus will receive $ 200 on his/her first deposit).

Pretty often there are bonuses that are awarded for all deposits made by methods which are recommended by the casino. Quite a few have recently started literally giving back the money a player has lost when playing at a casino online. There was a time when this kind of bonuses was incredibly popular but that was in land casinos. And now, apparently, it is time for their online rivals to take their place.

Live casino Canada games

As the matter of fact, roulette with real dealers is only a little different from the games with a random number generator. Yes, there are more opportunities for communication, but the main charm of online casino live roulette offers is active gameplay, when the gambler makes bets by entering into a rage.

When we are talking about live blackjack has on offer, the people who get most excited are the card counters. Certainly, they could not use their skills in regular live online casino games where there is the random number generator, because there all the decks are shuffled before each hand.

Until recently it was considered a game of aristocrats, who were visiting elite clubs, where guests could spend time playing this game. Now thanks to the rapid development of online casinos baccarat has become available to everyone.

Tired of traditional live casino games and want something more casual for a change? Live online craps may be the perfect solution here. Especially if it’s a free craps game, which are pretty often found at the leading Microgaming, Playtech and RTG casinos.